The Magic Inside Your Box!

What's inside your box?

The Spiritual Tools Inside Your Box!

Your box will include a variety of sparkly jewelry, stones and crystals, lifestyle items, home décor, ritual items, altar decorations, statues, cards, luscious perfumes or essential oils, candles or smudging materials, decadent soaps or bath products, and other spiritual tools.  Expect the unexpected, as each box comes with surprise gifts or unique handmade items.  

The Goddess Box includes 6 to 8 items monthly. The Aura Song Lightworker's Box includes 6 to 10 items monthly.  The Quarterly Goddess Box will include 6 to 8 items, but every 3 months instead of monthly.  The Quarterly Aura Song Lightworker's Box includes 6 to 10 items, but every 3 months instead of monthly.


What Else Comes in Your Box?

In addition to the beautiful items included in your box, you will also receive informational materials, three affirmations to work on throughout the month, as well as a ritual or a tutorial to participate in and develop your spiritual and intuitive gifts. All of the tutorials are voluntary and are created by Intuitive Juliana, Founder of The Lady of Light, a Psychic, Minister and Doctor of Divinity with over 25 years of experience providing educational classes and spiritual guidance. 

Here are some of the tutorials that have been included in previous boxes: Rituals to connect with the Goddess of the Month; Using a Pendulum; Introduction to Divination; Easy Meditation Techniques; Manifestation Work with Soap; Mirror Affirmation Work, Psychic Self-Defense Spell work with a plant, Essential Oils Application, Candle Magic, Working with Crystals and Stones, Self Blessings, Sacred Geometry, Divination with "Bones", etc.  More fascinating metaphysical techniques are coming your way in future boxes!


Need more inspiration in your life? 

We’ve got you covered.

What will you manifest using the sacred tools in your box?

Develop your divine connection with Spirit

Explore your creativity

Celebrate your body, mind and spirit

Envelope yourself in love

Acknowledge your divine spark

Clear your home, body and altar energetically

Get in tune with your intuition

Learn to use a variety of spiritual tools

Attune yourself to the messages from your guides

Connect with your angels, totem animals and ancestors

Transform your life

Find your true path