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Aloha Bay Chakra Pillar Candles


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Product Description

High quality pillar candles by Aloha Bay based on the chakra system, scented with pure essential oils. *** Root (1st) Chakra - red. "Money". Scent: Cassia, Clove & Nutmeg. *** Navel (2nd) Chakra - orange. "Love". Scent: Cedar, Spruce & Rosemary. *** Solar Plexus (3rd) Chakra - yellow. "Protection". Scent: Bergamot, Lime & Grapefruit. *** Heart (4th) Chakra - green. "Healing". Scent: Lavandin, Orange, Tangerine. *** Throat (5th) Chakra - blue. "Positive Energy". Scent: Moroccan Rose & Chamomile. *** Third Eye (6th) Chakra - indigo. "Abundance". Scent: Lavender, Fir & Chamomile. *** Crown (7th) Chakra - purple. "Happiness". Patchouli, Labdanum & Frankincense. ** Fair Trade. *** This listing is for 1 Pillar Candle of your choice.

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