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The Aura Song

Subscription Box Service by The Lady of Light

is for the woman who doesn't want to leave her spiritual tools behind, even when navigating the daily grind. Curated by a professional pagan experienced in creating a sacred space in the workplace, at home and at our metaphysical boutique.

A meticulously curated blend of unique jewelry, sparkly crystals, new age gifts, delicious teas, beautiful candles, luscious perfumes, crisp essential oils, decadent soaps, handmade bath products, home and office decorations, motivational quotes, affirmations, prayers, and rituals designed around your spiritual, self-empowerment and professional needs.  Sacred Gifts for Spiritual Living!


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Incorporate the sacred items into your spiritual lifestyle at work and home.

Just the packaging was awesome.  I love the printout of what is in the box and what the items represent.  Love, love, love the gorgeous multi-colored Lotus tote bag!  I cannot wait for my next box!! 


Truly a joy to open this wonderful box.  Loved all its bits and pieces.  So much thought went into this month's box.


I would recommend the Lady of Light to anyone! The products were great, the rituals and information included were wonderful, and the themes were perfection. A+++ 5/5 Stars! 


Which is the right subscription for me?

There are many subscriptions out there in the metaphysical field, but this is the original and only subscription service designed specially around the needs of the professional pagan, witch, lightworker, new age practitioner or metaphysician.  

Curated by a professional pagan experienced in creating a sacred space in the workplace, at home and at our metaphysical boutique. The Aura Song, by The Lady of Light, is a metaphysical subscription box service that will always be filled with practical, unique and beautiful spiritual tools and educational materials, appropriate for your office and home! Bring your spiritual tools to your 9-5, work your magic and impress your co-workers with your fabulous taste.  You will know the special meaning behind these items, even if your colleagues won't.

We offer you two levels of subscriptions to choose from:

* The Aura Song Lightworker's Box! This subscription is specifically curated for those  who want to bring more magic into their metaphysical and new age practice.  It comes with 6 to 10 items (Valued $75 to $120).

* The Goddess Box! This box is designed to assist the subscriber in connecting with the Goddess and the energies of the month. It comes with 6 to 8 items (Valued $60 to $80).